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I take for granted the wonderful taste of fine olive oil. It always catches me off guard when someone says to me, "what's that?" Or "what's so special about olive oil. Aren’t all oils the same?" That one kills me! ;-) So I thought that I'd share my passion for olive oil with anyone who's interested. So... a bunch of friends and I have put together this site to help out the non-initiated get to know better what we love, and take for granted!

We invite and welcome your comments. Your feedback and questions are a treasured reward for us.

Cut Crystal Drizzle Cruets for Mom


Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Sometimes it’s just so hard to choose between two perfectly wonderful gift ideas. I’ve been ordering olive oil kitchen accessories from Cruets.com to give as gifts. For that little bit extra pizzazz, I’m pairing each cruet with a special extra virgin olive oil. Terrific idea, isn’t it?

So if I’ve got this wonderful idea, why am I stuck on what to get Mom? Click to continue »

Cruets: Great Gift Idea For The EVOO Lover


When it comes to giving exceptional gifts, I reign supreme. :-) I’m so good at it that I’ve often thought I should hang out a shingle as a professional shopper. Now that would be a fun job! I could probably handle every shopping gig online so it wouldn’t take that much time.

Take the upcoming holidays for instance. With the help of some really neat online shops I’ve been able to indulge my latest fancy for kitchen accessories. Not just any kitchen accessory of course, but those designed for olive oil. I’m giving olive oil kitchen accessories. Click to continue »

Olive Oil’s Significance to Hanukkah


My mom is a history teacher so I can regurgitate dates and historical facts at the drop of a hat. Still, I have to confess that because of her maternal influence, I really am interested in history too. Don’t groan! As my mom said to me when I was grumbling about studying such dull stuff, “History is people, and their stories, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and often weird.”

She’s right. I’ve discovered world history is rich with stories about olive oil, one of my special interests. She told me about the war fought by the Jews who revolted against the Greek (and Syrian) army.

On this second day of Hanukkah, I thought that the time would be appropriate for me to talk about how olive oil is connected to why Jews celebrate this holiday. Click to continue »

Dip Me, Baby, One More Time!


I’ve got to ask you something. Now, tell me, honestly, is there anything easier to prepare and serve than bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil? It’s not only easy, but delicious too.

I can’t think of anything that repays you in taste for so little effort. Click to continue »

Garlic Infused Olive Oil - DON’T Try This At Home!


I’m horrified! I discovered something I didn’t know about olive oil. You see, it all started with garlic. I’d never have known this if I hadn’t got interested in the stinking rose. Isn’t that some name? No one really knows why, centuries ago, garlic was named the stinking rose. Well, the stinking part might be understandable, but the rose part? You could say it’s because the bulb resembles a tight rose bud, but that’s quite a stretch of the imagination.

Anyway, back to my big discovery. Click to continue »

Health Benefits of Olive Oil: Part I


Does it seem to you that every morning television show and news broadcast has a resident doctor on staff now? Not that I get to watch much morning TV, but my mom keeps me informed. She flips from one channel to the other and is always telling me what Dr. So And So said. She says sometimes they just confuse the issue with so much advice.

The thing I notice about all this prevention information is that two areas are mentioned again and again. Click to continue »

By the Light of the Harvest Moon


When some people plan vacations, they look at glossy brochures of cruise ships or spectacular casinos in Las Vegas. Me? I’m looking over a brochure for a tour to Tuscany that offers me the privilege of picking olives during the next olive harvest. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Click to continue »

It’s the Ingredients That Make the Meal


Did I mention that I come from a long line of self-proclaimed cooking experts? I used to think this was funny. Not any more because I must confess I too think I’m an expert. My friends promote this thinking. They think I’m a kitchen wizard. Of course, most of them eat out all the time or pick up something on the way home from work. So they’re easily impressed.

Still, they flatter me and tell me I should have my own television cooking show. That probably wouldn’t work because I’d have to actually list specific ingredients and measurements. My kind of cooking, which I learned from my mom, is Click to continue »

Hold the Mayo! Use Olive Oil Instead.


One of my most common uses of olive oil is as a flavor enhancer for sandwiches. I very rarely use mayonnaise, forgoing the cholesterol and calories in exchange for delicious taste. On a hardy roll, I’ll simply Click to continue »

Who Made The Salad?


That question is the first one everyone asks when my family gets together for a big dinner. I don’t mean to brag, but if the answer is me, then everyone bellies up to the bar. Click to continue »

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