Cut Crystal Drizzle Cruets for Mom


Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Sometimes it’s just so hard to choose between two perfectly wonderful gift ideas. I’ve been ordering olive oil kitchen accessories from to give as gifts. For that little bit extra pizzazz, I’m pairing each cruet with a special extra virgin olive oil. Terrific idea, isn’t it?

So if I’ve got this wonderful idea, why am I stuck on what to get Mom?

I mean I found a wonderful grape cluster cruet for my Aunt Dinah. Of course I’m giving her a flash of garlic-infused olive oil with it. If you’ve heard me talk about Aunt Dinah, you know she’s a certified garlic fanatic. She’ll love the glass grape cluster container hanging within the blown glass dome.

I picked an egg-shaped glass cruet for my chef buddy Jack. I’m also giving one of those to my cousin who collects all kinds of egg art. She’s got faux Fabergé eggs; ceramic, marble eggs, and Cloisonné eggs; and hand-carved wooden eggs too. So the egg-shaped container within the glass pitcher will tickle her.

So what’s the problem? It’s my Mom. I thought I’d get her a set of cut glass cruets for oil and vinegar. Now I don’t know whether to get those or a set of drizzle cruets. She’s really into drizzling EVOO over just about anything. Hot broccoli gets a drizzle. Ravioli gets a drizzle. Crusty Italian bread? You bet. You name it, and if it’s on a serving plate, she’ll drizzle.

She’s transitioned from butter to extra virgin olive oil with a vengeance. Not that I’m complaining. Eating at her table has always been a delight. Now it’s that plus an adventure. Last Sunday for brunch, she fried eggs in EVOO and sprinkled them with fresh chopped basil, rosemary, and oregano. Oh, were they good, and I’m not particularly an egg person!

Why am I making this harder than it needs to be? This decision is easy. Drizzle cruets for Mom. Just to really blow her away, I’ll get a set of imported cut glass cruets “created by European cut glass craftsmen,” according to the description on

Oh, and a nice French extra virgin olive oil to go with them. That light, buttery oil is perfect for egg dishes.

Just thinking about brunch last Sunday, and those delicious eggs, makes my stomach growl. I’m thinking I might have to break out the sauté pan. Some eggs fixed that way sound perfect for a quick dinner.

Have you tried frying eggs in olive oil?

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4 Responses to “Cut Crystal Drizzle Cruets for Mom”

  1. Markon 12 Dec 2007 at 10:38 pm

    Lucia, They are out of stock of those wonderful cruets! Maybe you got the last ones… you lucky dog!

    Every time I clicked on their “Cut Crystal” link on their home page, it gave me an error message. Finally I called them and they gave me the sad news.

    Hope your mom enjoys them! You’re a generous Daughter.

  2. Kylieon 23 Jan 2008 at 8:10 pm

    Good Afternoon,

    In the absence of a contact email, I am posting to inquire if you accept olive oil samples for review.

    My name is Kylie Garrett and I work for a communications firm in San Francisco. In our continual efforts to get to know bloggers and writers who cover olive oil, we would love to get to know more about your preferences for receiving olive oil samples and/or information and news.

    If you accept samples, what is the physical mailing address of where to mail the product and who should we attention the product to?

    Thank you in advance for your time, and I hope to work with you soon.



  3. Bobon 23 Jan 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Hi Kyle,
    That sounds like a GREAT idea. We’d love to try out your oil(s) and report back to our readers. My apologies to you (and our readers) that we don’t have a easy way for you to contact us. We’ll have to remedy that soon. I’ll send you an email with our mailing address.

  4. Rogeron 23 May 2009 at 1:02 pm

    Lucia, thanks for the great information. I produce two olive oil blogs and this was a topic we planned to blog about. is a great site. You made our job a lot easier with your posting. Thanks a million. You’ve got a lot of good information here and we’ll keep an eye on your site.

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